Sticks XXL Large Parakeet Fruit & Nut 2pk

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XXL seed stick is recommended especially for for medium-sized parrots.  It is not only an excellent complete food but also splendid fun the animals have searching for and plucking the titbits, the situation bearing resemblance to life under natural conditions. By giving entertainment, the sticks help relieve energy your pets are bursting with when spending every day of their lives in limited space. In addition, owing to the wooden core, the sticks help trim the claws and beaks.

Product made from natural ingredients using traditional baking methods.


nuts 6%
mungo beans
husk-free oat
coconut crumbs 5%
oats flakes
dried currants 3%
dried carrots
prepared rice
kardi seeds
black sunflower seeds
white sunflower seeds
dried apples 1%



vit. B1  0,8 mg/kg

vit. B2  3,0 mg/kg

vit. B6  1,5 mg/kg

vit. K3  1,5 mg/kg

vit. C    20,0 mg/kg